Small Business

Supporting Your Small Business Legal Needs

With Novit & Novit on your team, you can focus on building your business while we manage the necessary paperwork that keeps you in business.

Navigating the legal requirements of operating a business can be time consuming and stressful. Novit & Novit attorneys have significant experience in all forms of business law and can provide the sound advice and counsel you need to stay in compliance and sleep well at night.

Novit & Novit can establish your LLCs and partnerships, or register your business as a 501c3 nonprofit. Trust Novit & Novit attorneys to negotiate lease and vendor agreements and contracts, or establish buy/sell agreements with your partners. We are well versed in the laws and regulations that govern specific business types, including restaurants, retail and service establishments, and can help expedite the process of obtaining necessary licenses and permits.

Trust Novit & Novit LLC to help you with:

  • Incorporation, LLCs and Partnerships
  • Buy/ Sell and Transfer Agreements
  • Contract Review and Negotiations
  • Vendor Agreements
  • Business Leasing Agreements
  • Operating Permits and Licenses
  • Nonprofit Tax Status

Trustworthy, pragmatic and helpful, Novit & Novit attorneys will be valuable members of your business team throughout the life of your business.

We invite you to contact us with questions or to set up an initial consultation.